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Women New Hair Styles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

Straight hair will shine more that curly or wavy hair because of light reflection. For maximum shine apply straightening balm before blow drying for super sleek looks. When you are blow drying use a nozzle attachment to direct the airflow down the hair from root to tip. This helps to flatten the cuticle scales and add shine. If you have course or frizzy hair, use a big, round thermo brush that has a metal barrel that heats up during the drying process. This heat is then used to style your hair, just like straighteners would.

Funky Female Hair StylesThere are wide range of creams, serums and sprays available to add instant shine. Gloss is great for this. Smooth or scrunch it into the hair to tame flyaway ends and give a fantastic sheen to your hair. Rejuvenate curls by twisting them around your finger. Rub a small amount of curl definer onto your fingers and mold the curl by winding the hair around your finger. This eliminates frizz, reshapes the curl and adds shine. Always rinse hair your with clean running water to banish shampoo and conditioner from the hair as remaining deposits will make the hair dull.

When rinsing use cold water in the final rinse as this will close down the cuticle and encourage shine. Intensive conditioning treatments replace lost moisture and lock it in by adding a fine protective layer around the hair. Feeling in the party mood then wear your hair in relaxed, wavy curls which will be one of this seasons hot new hairstyle looks. You can rag roll or tong your hair, or use large rollers for lovely loose waves to be the belle of the ball.

For a trendy party look which suits styles with short, sharp layers, keep hair smooth and sleek, slicked back behind the ears with some gel, or to show off your layers, wear it more messed up by tousling it with putty.


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Information About Blonde Short Hair

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

Thinking about going blonde with your hair this summer? Need to brighten up your hair style with a fun new blonde look?

Cool Short Hair StylesIt doesn’t matter how dark or light your natural hair color is or if you have dark or pale skin tone, there is always a shade of blonde hair to suit you. And blonde is still the most popular hair color choice for most women!

Here are some fun ideas for you to bring out your inner blonde goddess!

Brunette to Blonde

If you have shoulder length hair in a brunette tone, skip going for over-all blonde color. Instead, apply some rich caramel highlights throughout your style, focusing on the crown and where the part lands. Your textured waves combined with the rich highlights will reflect the sunlight and create an eye-catching look.

Long hair

If your long hair is damaged or dull, purchase a good color protecting shampoo and conditioner to use before, during and after you color your hair. Make this part of your daily hair care regiment. Treating your damaged hair from roots to ends is an important factor in maintaining colored styles.

Finding the right shade

Before you settle on a shade of blonde, take into consideration your skin tone and eye color. Also consider your current hair color. If you currently have bleached blonde hair, you may want to opt for a deeper, richer shade of blonde. If your skin tone is very pale, you may want to keep your blonde shade a bit lighter. For dark brunettes, a deep honey highlight throughout your style might be best. Try to avoid bleaching as this just damages your hair. Choose your carefully, but have fun! And remember, combining a fun new blonde hair color with a new cut can completely change the way you look and feel about yourself!

Layering colors

Applying a variety of blonde hair colors throughout your hair on various areas of layering creates a very striking and unique look. If you have a light brown base, this is the best way to apply blonde highlights. Keep your layers underneath dark and then lighten up on your top layers throughout. This type of coloring looks particularly good on straight, medium-length hair with short or longer bangs.

These are just a few fun ideas for those interested in creating a new blonde hair color. Try to do something different and new with your blonde hair this season. Blonde hair in small or large doses is a good way to update your appearance and help lift your mood!

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Best Hair Straightener For Modern Short Hair

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

If you have short and curly hair, you may find it very difficult to manage it. However, there are certain techniques by using which you can tame your short hair without using harsh chemicals or a time-consuming trip to a hair salon. Yes, that’s true! It is possible get picture-perfect hair that shines, bounces back, and looks perfectly healthy. This can be done if you use a superior -quality hair straightener.

Short Hair TrendsIf you are confused whether you should go for a ceramic, Tourmaline, or an Infrared hair straightener, and also about the size you should choose as per your hair type, this article would definitely resolve all your queries.

To get best results, you should go for one that produces ions when heated. The ones coated with ceramic or tourmaline for the hot plates produce negative ions on heating, and thus gives your hair a smooth and relaxing look. You can choose to ignore the claims made by infrared hair straighteners, as there is nothing special about them except for their high price.

If you are now wondering about the size to be used, it completely depends on your hair type. Yes, you should choose the plate size of the straightener as per the texture of your hair and its length. So, if you have coarse, thick, long hair, which you need to straighten by using a hair straightener, you should choose a plate size of 1.5 to 3 inches. You can reduce the size of the plates to 1.25 inches if you have short hair with similar texture.

Those with short hair should go for small-sized as they are easy to handle and are more versatile. They work faster and help you save time as well as efforts. The most popular sizes are 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2 inch.

Different types offer you different types of temperatures. People with normal hair should opt for a hair straightener that can work in 180-190 degree Celsius. Remember, a superior quality hair straightener makes your hair look smoother and silkier. It doesn’t pull out your hair like an old-fashioned hair iron, but it keeps your hair straight for entire day.

While choosing a hair straightener, you should go for the brand that offers you straightening experience in less time with no snagging or breaking during the process. Go for a sturdy, light-weighted, ergonomically-designed one, which is also offered at competitive price.

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A General Informartion About Short Hairstyle

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

Most people agree that having a good hair day can do much to improve your mood and confidence. Many complain however, that those good hair days are so very rare! Having the right hairstyle can no doubt increase the odds and make life much easier.

Super Short Hair StylesA well-cut short hairstyle can draw the eye to your best features and make you feel and act sexy and full of confidence. Add to that the numerous styles one can experiment with, using styling products effectively, and it is obvious why more women opt for short hair. Because it is easy to maintain and work well on different types of hair, short hairstyles have been fashionable the last few decades and will be for decades to come.

Different factors play a role in determining which style would suit you best. Whether you opt for pixie, shaggy, bob, pageboy or any other short style it is important to take the texture of your hair, shape of your face and lifestyle into consideration.

Knowing what type of face you have can make choosing a flattering short hairstyle much easier. By using a photo where you look straight at the camera and cutting out your face, you can quite easily determine the shape.

If you are one of those lucky individuals with an oval face, you can wear anything from pixie to sleek with a center parting. Hair swept back from the face will enhance and bring out your features. Extra heavy bangs that cover your features should be avoided.

A style that is slightly longer than the chin, shaped and softened around the edges, flatters a square face. This gives the illusion of length to your face. Hair should not be cut shorter than, or in line with the chin, as this would make the face appear squarer. Avoid center partings and straight bangs.

For someone with a heart shaped face balance between the forehead and chin is very important. Layered hair shaped along the face near the chin, thick at the bottom and with layered bangs will provide fullness where needed. Straight styles, which cling to the face, would accentuate the narrow jaw line and is not recommended.

To create a slimming effect to a round face some volume at the top is necessary. Layered in a shaggy style at the crown and longer than the chin, will add length to your face. Spiky hair is unfortunately not suitable for a round face.

Although each season brings new variations, the bob is truly a timeless hairstyle. Straight hair with fine to medium texture looks great in a bob. Flattering for oval and heart shaped faces, people with round or square faces should rather think twice.

There are plenty of exciting short hairstyles out there that will suit you. The secret is to find a good stylist who will be honest with you and who can suggest appropriate styles considering the shape of your face, hair type and lifestyle. You should leave the salon with a song in your heart, feeling sexy and filled with confidence. Let your stylist show you techniques to create the salon look at home. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Great Short Hair Styles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

MORE THAN ANY other factors, the texture, bend and amount of your hair must govern your choice of a hairdo. I emphasize this point because in my experience the failure to understand it is a leading cause of women’s dissatisfaction with their hair, and their hairdressers. Great hair styles depend on a proper analysis of your hair.

Short Hair Styles For WomenThe woman who is trying to work against nature must spend endless hours fussing with her hair and gets no better results than the one who has chosen an easily cared-for hairdo. A successful hairdo is one where the hair will spring easily back into place. Any other kind means you have to force the hair to do something that is not natural to it. If you choose one of the latter, a great deal more hair care will be required, and satisfactory results are questionable.

First you must examine your hair with a cold and impersonal eye. Study it as it actually is, not as you would like it to be or as it used to be. How fine or coarse is your hair? How thick or thin? Finally, and one of the most important questions, how much bend (natural wave or curl) does it have?

To answer these questions, first wash your hair. While it is wet, begin manipulating it with your fingers. Examine the top, back and sides by sections. By doing so you will be able to determine the amount of bend in your hair. This bend will help you decide on the style. When you locate a natural bend, if there is any, you can utilize it for a style that will be practicable for you.

It is possible that some sections will have more bend, some less, some none. The bend which can be utilized best is that found at the temples, the sideburns, and the top of the hair. You will realize, of course, that the amount of bend will vary with the length of the strand of hair. If your hair is long and shows no bend, this is what to do: isolate several sections of your hair, each section containing between one dozen or two dozen hairs.

Cut these sections shorter and shorter till you get them down to one inch in length. At each cutting manipulate them with your fingers and comb, to test them for bend. When you find the length at which one or all the sections respond, you should use that length as a measuring stick for the rest of the hair.

As I have said, it often happens that one section will have bend, the other none, so common sense will tell you to use the bend for movement or variation of line, and leave the rest as straight as possible.

When you discover one section with bend you must search carefully along its outer edges, to see how far it goes.

While on this subject, I must make it clear that finding bend in the hair applies to curly as well as straight hair, because even curly hair has some straighter sections which can be utilized for their straightness. Great hair styles will take account of these variations.

Once you have decided on the amount of bend your hair possesses, then you must think in terms of hairdos and whether you want to utilize all of the bend or just some of it.

Your next step is to begin thinking about the texture (fine, medium or coarse).

Fine hair has a tendency to frizz when curled too tightly. It looks its best when allowed to fall softly and naturally, with a minimum of curling.

Coarse hair will hold a curl or wave if you don’t curl it too tightly or wave it too much.

Medium hair is the most pliable and can assume many shapes.

Thin hair must be made to look thicker. One of the best ways is to wash it frequently and keep it free from oil. When hair is freshly washed it looks twice as thick.

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A History Of Hair Fashion

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

Because of the frequent changes of hairstyles it’s difficult, to say the least, to stay up on what’s in and what’s out. Additionally, when it comes to celebrity fashion, lets face it; they change there hairstyles the way normal people change their shoes. Using them as examples for what kind of hairstyle to follow is like a ferret on crack chasing it’s tail.

Popular Short Hair StylesSome people may believe that it is only in recent times that society in general started to put a lot of their focus on differing hair styles. However, the truth is hair fashion has been an area that has been focused on for the past 3000 years.

Hair styles have changed so much over the years either for better or for worse. Hair fashion also depended greatly on what part of the world you lived in. We will take a look at history as far as it related to hair fashion.

A look at history shows that in ancient Egypt, it was commonplace for both men and women to wear their hair cut short and closely cropped to their head.

Nevertheless, Egyptians would normally wear elaborate wigs during special ceremonies. In ancient Greece, women typically wore their hair quite long and pulled back, and quite often dyed it with red henna.

Women from ancient Rome used to follow Greek hair fashion very closely; one noteworthy difference is that the women of Rome were more likely to have their hair dyed blonde. The women of Rome also used curling irons and hair dressing become a very popular trade.

Looking to a different region; in the East, it was a requirement that all Muslims have their hair hidden when in public, and in the region of China, hair symbolized the marital status of an individual. If a woman wore her hair long and braided it was typically a sign that a women was unmarried. If the woman were married she would wear it pulled back and in a knot.

Styles in the African nations differed and were typically a symbol of the persons social status. Some general African hair styles long hair, braids, and shaved heads.

The American Indians hair fashion varied from region to region. It was quite common in numerous areas for hair to be shaved, and in the Mayan tribes individuals frequently wore ornate headpieces over a bald head.

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Hot New Short Hair Style Trends

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

New hair cut can give that extra dash to your personality! So why this wait is on? If you want to experiment with your hair then we have the latest hot trends that dominate the hair scene this year.

Cute Short Hair StylesBobs with Bang

This year what is in, is precision cut bobs, which are complemented with smooth, lustrous fashion, a blunt fringe and tons of sparkling. Normally bob is sensibly crafted to make more noticeable your individuality and distinctive facial constitution, sometimes also to highlight a long, beautiful neck. Bob hair styles vary from ear level to shoulder slithering which is most apt for straight or slightly wavy hair. Someone having curly hair, a bob takes the shape of a triangle which is widened at the bottom in an uncomplimentary way. So make sure that you choose this hair style only if it works with your facial structure.

Mad for Mod

Mad for mod has munificent amount of slicing or texturizing to lighten up the bluntness. What is distinctive about this hair cut is heavy, side-swept bangs and blunt lines. A mod hair style is similar to a bob, its feel and direction add-on to a mod feel. Your hip, mod hair do should be styled with a swooping motion, directing the hair around the head from the crown or a deep side part. Using hair products like waxes, clays, or muds add texture and a bit of grungy-funk to a mod hair style.

Asymmetry in Action

The name suggests what varies is texture and length differences and you bet this edgy look is bold and pretty much in demand! The best part is that you need not have to have long or short hair for this type of cut rather asymmetrical look can be done on a range of hair styles from a short cut, a bob or a longer, layered style. Asymmetrical cut whether they’re cut blunt or heavily textured, a sloping bang draws attention and can emphasize your features nicely.

Strategic Layers

Strategic Layers are certainly becoming the most sought after as you can capitalize on what you have!! With the advancement of cutting techniques, hair styling is becoming more bold and unique to each person rather than a universal one-size-fits-all hair trend like back in the “Rachel” days. What you have to do is just look for a reputed hair stylist and listen to their ideas about styles and techniques that’ll work best on your hair, while complimenting your features.

Peaks, Swirls, and Waves

The official name of this funky and daring hair cut which offers a lot of room for individuality is directional styling. This hair cut allows you to use your imagination to the fullest, what you have to do is just use a wax, clay, or mud hair product, something with a little grit, and a little hold, soften the product in your hands so there’s a thin mask of product all over your palms and between your fingers. Now you are just half done, what is required is that plunge right in there and move the hair around with an eye out for an appealing shape. Swoop it, swirl it around, change directions suddenly till you achieve the desired shape, go grab blow-dryers (on a low setting) and maximize the peaks and waves using your most important hair styling tool…your hands. What you are not aiming for is exactness, but do aim for an “artful” feel, and some sort of marked shape

Color for Character

If you want to pamper your looks then go in for hair color which can have a extraordinary effect on an otherwise plain hair style. Rich dark colors are ultra-hot this year, sprinkled with a few equally rich highlights peeking out from underneath. Deep tones of eggplant, burgundy, and mahogany are a great compliment to a dark brown or black hair color. Tactically placed highlights, lowlights, or panels can heighten quality and add that X-factor to your personality.

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Modern Short Curly Hairstyles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 28, 2009

A quick phone call and suddenly you’re getting ready for a hot date or night out on the town? Don’t let your short hairstyle get you down or make you feel like you’ve got the world’s most boring cut. Go with some curls and get funky! You’ll be amazed at how much they can transform your hair, look, and attitude.

Online Short Hair Styles

Gone are the tight curls of yesteryear that have you looking like a poodle. With the gentler perms of today, women can enjoy fantastic shiny curly hair style without the frizz. There’s nothing more elegant and glamorous than a short curly hairstyle. Although modern looking, short curly hairstyles have been popular for a long time.

Remember Marilyn Monroe? A celebrity of the 50’s, she was as well known for her short, curly, blonde locks as she was her movies. Many women since have tried to emulate Marilyn’s short curly hairstyle. Now it can be your turn to look just as gorgeous. It’s easier than you think.

If you’re already blessed with naturally curly hair then forget the curling iron and go natural. Simply shampoo and condition your hair and then individually wrap each curl with a gelled finger for definition. You may decide to get the bottom part of hair on your head shaved.

For the rest of us, you’ll need to use a good curling iron with thermal protection to keep from burning your hair. Comb your hair so there are not any knots – make it as smoot as possible for best results. Get as close to your head as possible and curl only small amounts of hair at a time. It should take about 5-10 seconds to curl each section. Let the curling iron leave the curl and permit the curling iron to cool down without touching. This will let the curl set. Go to the next section of hair. Make sure the ends of locks are in the curling iron before closing the iron. When the curls are cooled down, loosen with fingers and spray lightly with your favorite hairspray.

Whether your curly locks are natural or accomplished through modern means, have fun and experiment. There are a few good websites or software programs that will let you upload a digital picture of yourself and then try on many short curly “virtual hairstyles” til you find the perfect one. Give them a try, that’s exactly what the top stylists in the major cities do.

Have fun and most of all, enjoy that hot date or night out on the town!

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How To Select Sexy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 28, 2009

Longer lengths can be troublesome to take care of and shorter lengths may not fit different facial shapes or looks as well but medium hairstyles seem to be just right for a lot of women. Medium length hair is probably the most versatile choice out there for today’s modern women. These hairstyles vary between long hairstyles and short hair styles. Many women find a mid-length haircut is a great option for many different types of hair texture, rather it be thin and brittle, thick, or just right. Medium hairstyles also are very versatile in the different number of updos, bobs, and various other styles that can be combined with the hair to create some gorgeous looks that is easier to maintain than longer locks while providing looks that are more comfortable and more flattering than shorter hair cuts.

Female Short Hair Styles

Medium hairstyles match most facial shapes well as there is just enough hair complimenting the facial region and improve other features. Hairstyles with hair length to the shoulders or a small bit above them bring out many facial features with many options for styling. The bob, the shag, and the straight cut are some popular mid-length hairstyles. One classic medium length cut is the bob.

A bob is a haircut that’s all one length and ranges from chin length to shoulder length. Bobs can be curly or straight depending on your hair texture, and look fantastic either way. They’re versatile as well, and can easily be upswept for an evening look or left hanging freely for a cute, feminine look. Another great medium length cut is the shag. A shag cut involves cutting layers of various lengths into hair.

Medium length hairstyles are great for layering because of their versatility. Layering medium hair length correctly by framing the facial area often brings out a person’s eyes, lips, and other facial features in a non-obtrusive manner. A medium length cut can be worn curly, wavy or straight. For gorgeous curls, use a curl enhancing spray or mousse on damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser.

To define particular strands, curl with a 1/2 inch curling iron or set on small hot rollers. There are so many ways to layer medium length hairstyles because it is long enough to go short in different areas and short enough to keep in others. The simple flow down medium hairstyle is popular because it is very simple. Just letting your hair flow down with either bangs down or parted with additional waves, ringlets, or curls at the ends.

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Short Hairstyle Ideas

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 27, 2009

While short hair has never gone out of fashion it’s back with a vengeance in 2007 on the catwalk and on the high street, if you are looking for a hairstyle idea this is it.

Fashion Short Hair Styles

Why is it so popular? Simply, there is a cut for all women and this hairstyle idea is being used as not just as a fashion, but a lifestyle statement.

Short hairstyles – and life change

Kylie Mynogue was a celebrity that had it forced upon her but when she recovered from Chemotherapy and made her first appearance, she looked wonderful and launched the hairstyle of 2007 to have.

Hairstyles 2009 broad appeal

It had already been on the catwalk as a fashion statement, now it was a lifestyle statement in the face of a life change.

Short hairstyles are now the trend here’s why:

1. Convenient

Not only is it a cheap hairstyle to have, it’s the ultimate in low maintenance – You can simply wash and go and for today’s busy women saving time is a huge advantage.

2. Sexy & Stylish

We know that short hairstyles have been used by women as the ultimate round face hairstyle, but you don’t need to have a round face to have a short crop hairstyle.

Any women can have one, there are short hair styles to suit all women – Your hair stylist will show you the best cut to suit and soften your features.

3. Girl power – a liberating cut

The short hair style may have been forced upon Kylie Mynogue and indicated a new start in life after the adversity of breast cancer.

Many women are now using the short crop as a new start and an indication of girl power and female liberation.

A short cut is dramatic and is used by women after important life changing events such as a divorce, leaving a partner and changing jobs.

It is saying:

“it’s a new me, I am strong, I feel good and I am proud”

Stylish sexy convenient and a life statement!

A cheap hairstyle, that’s low maintanance, that looks sexy and stylish – What is there not to like about this hairstyle idea of 2007?

Short hairstyles History

Short haircuts were used by Twiggy in the 60s as a statement of female liberation and have never really gone away, so if you are looking for great hairstyle ideas for 2007 then consider this one.

There are many celebrities who have used the short hairstyle over the years to look great such as Halle Berry and many more and you could join them.

Short hairstyles offer you all this

As a hairstyle idea it offers you the height of fashion sexiness, convenience and the chance to make a lifestyle statement all in one and it’s a cheap hairstyle to.

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