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A General Information On Various Medium Bob Hairstyles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 17, 2009

A Bob Hairstyle is a trendy hairstyle in which the person has their hair cut short and usually straight. This is a trend amongst celebrities right now. The hair is usually layered and cut shoulder length. There are different variations of Bob hair styles.

Bob Short HairstylesMedium Bob
A medium bob hairstyle is a versatile cut that fits the looks and style of a lot of woman. This bob allows a style that frames the face and can narrow wider facial shapes like heart shaped ones or soften jaw lines like angular facial shapes.

Choppy Blunt Bob
A blunt bob is very flattering as the bangs add a touch to the bob and help soften other facial features like wider foreheads. The blunt sides help narrow the facial region and draw more attention to the overall look. A blunt, choppy bob is quite different from the normal traditional bobs but creates the same appeal with an added touch. A good option for people experienced with bobs who want to try a different variation.

Flip out Bob
This Bob makes it so the sides of the hair flip out at the ends. This is what makes this bob a unique look. Both sides can still be pinned behind the ear but the heavy flip out create a fashionable retro style. It is a good selection from the normal bob and can compliment some women very well.

The Beckham Bob
This is a very unique bob in that it is far different from a normal bob in many ways. This bob is a little more wispy with varying lengths. This slight variation in lengths, really changes the way the bob looks. The bob still frames the face well. Also, this bob does not use bangs. The bob is a great selection for changing up different looks.

The Wig Bob
Bobs can be created with extensions but how about a wig. The purpose of a Bob wig is so that women can try out the look first without committing to it. A bob wig consists of blunt, choppy sides and bangs to help soften the facial area.

You will see this type of hairstyle on many celebrities right now and can be a very nice compliment to some. This style can really bring out the facial features of a woman. This medium bob hairstyle is a safe and nice look for women. It allows them to get away with having short hair but not at the same.


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