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Latest Short Curly Hairstyles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 23, 2009

The hairstyle in coming autumn and winter is curl. The makeup of this autumn shows elegant and modern. For autumn hairstyle, it emphasizes on “feminine”. It can be long or short hair, but curl is the main stream!

Latest Short Curly Hair StylesWomen’s hair is like a second face. As long as the hairstyle changes, there will be a whole different from weekdays. In autumn 2007 curls sustain fever. The level of curl is unlimited dissemination of attractive women. Curls are in power. It can be small curl to show lovely appearance. It can also be romantic wave curl. Long curl hair is charming and gentle. It is full of feminine. Short Curly Hairstyles is full of wild, lively and pretty. These beautiful hairstyles are not set by prem. If you know how to use the curling iron rod, you can do it yourself. Let’s enjoy the fun of change!

Choice of curling iron rod
Use the curling iron rod is time-saving. It can create a three-dimensional wave. You can base on the duration of iron and skill to shape different hairstyle. It shows the effects of curl. Compare with the traditional perm, it is more natural. However, before changing the course of treatment, a good choice of a curling iron rod is very important. Generally, hairstylist will recommend powerless curling iron rod because it is less disruption, handy and less space to pack. The best choice is the surface of the iron is made use of ceramic material because it can decrease the hair damage by slow conduction theory. It is also recommended to choose the iron with steam because it prevents hair damage and gives more durable hairstyling. The best material of the hand grip should be plastics because it is easy hot.

How to use curling iron rod
There are numbers of people carelessly burning of themselves when using the curling iron rod. Reference to the following methods before use, next time will not burn the hands! Before using the rod, the best way is applying the hair conditioner first to protect the quality of hair. If it is your first time to use it, you better choose the round size comb to familiar the appropriate distance between face, hands, hair and the iron. The more you practice, the more safety it is.

* Steps: before styling, separate the hair according to hair volume. First, it is proposed to make a cross on hair so that it is separated into the left front, right front, left rear, are right rear. Therefore there will four blocks. Then, separate each block into two by using hair clips. Finally, iron each bundle of hair one by one.

* When using the curling iron rod, each bundle will be rolled up and normally stay for three to five seconds. The timing can not be too long. Do not try to stay iron on hair more than 15 seconds each time.

* Besides, it is necessary to consider the layer of original hair because it will affect the gestures and angles of iron using. If the hair cutting and the layer is significant especially for straight hair, the ironing process should be ironed horizontally. On the contrary, if it is not obvious, it should be done vertically.

*For styling, it is recommended to use of spray because this could make hairstyle lasting longer.
Is your hair straight? You are a straight hair? Why not try another sense of rhythm to create a fluffy and pretty own style of hair?


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Medium Hairstyles – What Is Popular?

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 22, 2009

Medium hairstyles are some of the easiest to deal with. They give women the versatility of long hair without all the time and effort spent to make the hair look nice.

Short Medium Hair StylesMedium hairstyles are those that hit just below the ear to just below the shoulders. Let’s look at some popular medium styles of the moment.

The Bob

The bob is a popular medium hairstyle that’s been popular for many years. Call it the most timeless of the medium haircuts. Perhaps the best aspect of the bob is it can be somewhat short (chin length or even shorter) or it can be longer, hitting the shoulders.

The bob usually involves bangs (and then a straight style to the shoulders or wherever the hair hangs), or it can be all one length. Sometimes hairstylists will give no bangs, but will frame the hair around the face rather than leave it all one length.

The great aspect of the bob is its forgiveness. It works with just about any face shape, but looks particularly good on women with oval or round faces.

The Shag

The shag haircut has long been popular with women of all ages (but particularly those in their 20s and 30s). If you think of Jennifer Aniston in “Friends” and the hairstyle that made her so popular, you are picturing the shag. Of course, the medium shag is shorter than the hair that Aniston sported, but the basic styling is similar.

The shag requires a little more time and know-how than the bob, but this style flatters most facial shapes (save, perhaps, a long face) and can be quite flattering. Women like that it looks as if they spent little time on it. This style is also versatile since there are no bangs, and the hair is often long enough to be put in a ponytail or other styles.

The Curled-Out Bob

This style is somewhat a combination of the shag and the bob. It has some layering like a shag, and yet the simple styling of the bob. This style requires a large round brush for drying and then once nearly dry, the ends are turned up (either with the large round brush or even a flat brush)

This style isn’t quite as versatile as the basic shag, because often it will include bangs and a few more layers. But if can be styled in several ways and thanks to the layers, it can be styled for a curly look or can be blown straight.

We hope you have gotten a good idea of some popular medium hairstyles of the moment. Either you can grow your hair into one of these styles, or you can cut your hair shorter to make it a true “medium cut”.

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Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 18, 2009

Want a little A-list inspiration for a sexy new look? Here’s how celebrities are wearing their bob hairstyle!

Short Hair Styles With Gorgeous LookParis Hilton’s Graduated Bob

Paris has swapped her extensions for a sweet graduated bob. This ‘do has texture, gloss and sex appeal. We’ve always preferred Paris with shorter hair, not only does it give her a far more sophisticated look, it’s also more flattering for her face shape.
This graduated cut side swept bangs is hugely wearable and by sticking with her platinum blonde block color, Paris ensures she is bang on-trend.
How to style it: Shape with a dryer and a vent brush, using flat iron to enhance the key sections.

Katie Holmes’ Bob

The lovely Katie Holmes looks oh-so cool, calm and in control with her classic bob cut.
It is the classic bob, but it is updated with a fringy perimeter. It has a very sophisticated look yet can be very casual too. It can be worn in a smooth classic style or flipped out for fun. The sides can be worn forward, framing the face or tucked behind one or both ears.

Victoria “Posh” Beckham’s Pob

Sharp, funky and fresh. The cut accentuates the angle of her jaw line while the punchy platinum hue suits her skin tone.
This sexy blonde crop with strands tucked behind the ear is the epitome of cool. Victoria Beckham, known for her mega-popular Pob, pretties up her look with lengthy fringe and surface layering through the crown. Petite features or a long neckline help make this style easy to wear.

Rihanna’ s Inverted Bob

Singer Rihanna is just as famous as her trendy bob as she is for her music. It’s an elegant cut that’s sharp, clean and sophisticated.

Eva Longoria’s Long Bob

If you’d like a bob but want enough length so you can pull hair back, consider Eva’s hairstyle. It has less layers, so the shape is denser, fuller. To vary it, try moving the part, but beware of the precise center part because it makes full face look wider.
This cut’s perfect for you if your hair is fine and straight; if it’s too thick it will get too bushy. Unless your face is long and narrow, this one could work for you.

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Medium Funky Hair Styles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 16, 2009

Bangs have recently been reintroduced to most medium hair styles. However, these are not the bangs of the past. Today bangs are soft, blended and fringed. The new banged look is a great way to soften your look, add a new dynamic to your hairstyle and to modernize your old cut.

Medium Short Length HairAnother great medium length hair style is the layered cut. There are many layered hairstyles that work well with medium length hair. You may be familiar with the “Rachel cut” from the 1990s. This was a very popular layered cut. More modern layered cuts include the Asteroid, which is a very punk layered cut. Layered cuts are great for fine hair, thick hair and curly hair.

If you have a natural wave or curl to your hair then your hairstyles will need to work with the texture of your hair. You will need to find a hair stylist who will be able to work with your curls to create wavy hairstyles or curly hair styles that will be flattering to your face shape and that will also not frizz out of control. Your final hair cut should provide you with several styling options and it should also look great as it grows out.

After selecting your medium length hairstyle you will next need to learn about the types of hair care products you will need to use to keep it looking great. If you color your hair you will need to buy shampoos and conditioners that are formulated to maintain the brilliance of your hair color. If you have curly hair you will need to buy hair care products that enhance and define your curls. Finally you will need general maintenance products that will help you fortify your hair, protect it from over-styling and to provide it with the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

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Useful Tips On Selecting A Short Hairstyle That Will Look Great

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 11, 2009

If you’ve worn your hair in a longer style for some time, and now you’d like to change it up and try something different, think about trying one of the new short hairstyles that are very popular. These are simple to maintain and they look nice on many different faces. Here are some ideas to help you get started on your new do.

Short Blonde Haircut Styles1. Find short hairstyles in magazines and hairstyle books.

2. Keep in mind that the texture of your hair is often a deciding factor in choosing an appropriate style. For example, a sleek, straight style may be hard to get with curly thick hair and a fully, wavy do may not look good if you have shiny straight hair.

3. Get tips from your hairdresser.

4. They can provide ideas of what will or will not work with your type of hair.

5. Be aware of how much looking after the style will need. There are shorter styles that will go well with your kind of hair but they need regular trims to maintain them.

6. Figure out what you think is “short”. Is this above your ears, at your chin, or above your shoulders? This will be essential as you endeavor to identify the style that suits your taste.

7. A short, stylish hairdo is an excellent way to wear those beautiful accessories like necklaces, scarves, and dangling earrings.

8. Consider getting your hair cut in a style that is changeable. If you have good texture, some short haircuts look good both tousled and sleek.

9. If you are really unsure about getting short hair, you can hold your hair back or up to picture your ears and neck exposed.

10. Concentrate on those looks that will bring the best out in the features that you already have.

11. If your face is round, experiment with parting the hair on the side to make your cheeks look slimmer.

12. If you have a narrow face have abundant hair at the sides.

13. If you have a large nose, pick something with height at the top to balance it out.

14. If you have sharp features, you should think about getting a wavy style that will help to soften the look.

15. If you have a high forehead, bangs will probably look good on you.

16. Consult with your hairdresser about the best hairdo to bring out the best in you.

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Great Easy Hairstyles To Wear To Your Prom

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 11, 2009

One of the things you’ll want for your prom night is a fantastic hairstyle that will get you all the attention you deserve. You don’t have to do anything as drastic as dying your hair to match your gown as long as you choose a style that’s completely different from the style you wear almost every day. If you’re one of those girls who usually pulls her hair up in a sloppy-looking bun or ponytail, for prom you should wear your hair in a long, smooth, flowing style.

Short Funky Hair StylesIf you always go around with your hair down, here’s your opportunity to try a fancy upswept hairdo that will completely entrance your date. Instructions for four glamorous hairstyles are listed below. Even if you don’t choose to exactly copy one of them, they might give you some ideas for an original style of your own.

Long, Shiny Hair and a Looped Ponytail

It only takes about a half hour to create a glamorous hairdo using this style. Start by pulling all of your hair up into a high ponytail. If your hair tends to wave or curl, use an iron on it before putting it up. If you still have hairs that just don’t want to lay the way you want them to, spray a little gel on your hair and then gently comb your errant locks to smooth them. After you’ve achieved the smoothness you desire, divide your ponytail in three pieces like you would for a braid. Take each section individually and roll it under, securing the ends with bobby pins or clips going in different directions. You can add any creative touches that you like, because nothing says this hairstyle has to look any certain way. Add flowers, hair clips, or even a tiara to add a little extra elegance.

Go Sleek and Simple with a French Twist

Your mom will totally approve of this classic hairstyle, because it was just as popular in her day as it is now. You can leave the twist sleek and simple, or you can add some curls to give the style a unique flare. Unless you have super smooth hair to start with, you’ll want to use gel to get all of your hair to lie down. If you have a widow’s peak you’d rather hide, part your hair on one side. If not, you can pull it all straight back.

Starting at the nape of your neck, start twisting your hair until it’s all tightly twisted. Pull the twist up, and secure it with clips. Tame stray hairs by spritzing on a little hairspray. When you’re finished, tuck the ends under the twist or else curl them with a curling iron. Adding a ribbon in front of the twist can give you an extra special look.

Short Hair and Soft Curls

If your hair is short and very straight, you can spice it up by adding some soft curls. Turn on your hot rollers. Use the waiting time to do your make-up. This will save you from some stress later in the day when things get hectic. Roll your hair on the heated rollers and allow them to cool. Take the rollers out and brush out the curls. If you want a flatter look on top, control the hair with long bobby pins or clips. You don’t want your hair to end up looking too perfect. Tease the ends and the back, and allow it to look somewhat sexy and disheveled. When you’ve finished teasing, remove the clips from the front and add flowers or randomly-placed rhinestone clips.

Long, Curly Hair and Tousled Curls

If you’re like most people with naturally curly hair, you’ve probably hated it all your life, but now’s your time to shine. A long, curly style is exactly what you want to look sexy and regal on prom night. Start by washing your hair and applying a conditioner that’s made to enhance your natural curliness. If you have time, allow your hair to air dry while scrunching it a little to encourage it to curl. If you have to use a blow dryer, make sure you use a diffuser with it.

After your hair has completely dried, use a curling iron to curl small strands. This will give them a more styled look. Then take your fingers and break the ringlets into loose curls which will create the tousled effect. Tie all of your hair back with a ribbon that matches your dress. You can leave a few strands loose for a different type of look. If you don’t feel your hairstyle is full enough, add a curly hairpiece underneath the tied curls. Finish the style with a flower or rhinestone clip that will add an extra touch of glamor.

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Short Hair Is Millennium Fab On Many A Fashion Showcase!

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 10, 2009

From the blackest, most stunning ebony short wigs you will ever find, as well as breathtaking, stylish and absolutely style-perfect short wigs of platinum blonde—these wigs are all out there. You can choose from just about virtually any color you could possibly imagine for your hair. We sell high quality wigs for great prices and in the personal short wigs style you prefer.

New Hairstyles For WomenIt is wonderful to find everything from streaked or highlighted short wigs such as African American wig designs, to more Caucasian-hair created short wigs. It will seem as though the wig you choose from right here was created especially what you envisioned for your hair when you shop from the seemingly endless internet catalogues that are simple to view.

Why not browse around right now and you will see for yourself how convenient it is to purchase your alluring short wigs on the internet. Some of the most beautiful, wonderful, exceptional short wigs on the market today are available more easily than you could possibly imagine!

It is absolutely true, small changes such as short wigs can completely change the way you look—more than could possibly imagine! You may be surprised at how much of a difference short wigs can make for you. If you have ever tried on high quality short wigs you know how effective they can be—they can change your overall appearance with style — almost completely.

From men’s short hair wigs to women’s short hair wigs you can have the air you have always dreamed of. You can find the perfect style for you and order it you can usually find great prices if you browse around online, and high quality short hair wigs are sure to last and last.

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Short Sedu Hair Style

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 9, 2009

So you’ve decided on short hair for the long summer months and are now wondering if you too can sport the fabulous sedu hairstyles that everyone is raving about. Well plain and simply the answer is yes. You too can have celebrity sedu hairstyles no matter what the length of your hair. The short sedu hair style is just as popular for the coming summer months as sedu hairstyles for longer hair and what’s more with a short sedu hair style you can achieve your chosen style in half the time.

Short Prom Hair StylesTo achieve the best look when it comes to your short sedu hair style the first thing you will need to do is purchase a sedu hair straightening iron. This is the revolutionary new hair iron that is creating sedu hairstyles and it’s so much easier to use than other hair irons and there is a much smaller risk of hair damage.

A Short Sedu Hairstyle is all about adding volume and texture to your hair whilst still maintaining an elegant and stylish look. The principles of creating these sedu hairstyles are the same as for all sedu hairstyles including those used to create celebrity sedu hairstyles. We don’t all have the money for personal stylists and with the sedu hair iron there is no need because you can create celebrity sedu hairstyles from the comfort of your own home.

The most popular sedu hairstyles method that is applied when creating a short sedu hair style is the flick method. This involves using your sedu hair straightening iron to style your hair and then using it again to flick out the ends and sides of your hair to create a chic and elegant style that can be modified for any occasion. Using this technique for creating your sedu hairstyles will also help you to add more volume to your short sedu hair style.

So there you have it some advice on your perfect short sedu hair style for the coming summer months.

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Using A Curling Iron On Short Hair

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 6, 2009

There are many people, who are fanatic about their hair styling. Today, people are crazy about looking attractive and stylish as everyone is concerned about his or her looks and appearance. Not only they are more imaginative about adopting a new hair style, but they are also not opposed to the idea of seeking professional help to get a new hair style on regular basis.

Cute Funky Short hair Styles For Sexy LadiesCurly hair is more prevalent among young men and women as it is believed to lend a sensual appeal to them. This type of hair style has remained more popular among the gentries for centuries. Therefore, a complete range of hair products and hair care and styling tools are always available in the shops and these are in big demand at any point of time.

Though, curling the long hair is very easy and can be perfected in just a few sessions but curling the short hair is considered to be a little more complicated as it involves great care and perfection. To curl your short hair, it is important that you choose a hair curling iron which is small in diameter. Curling iron is very useful aid to curl your hair in style. There are different sizes of barrels of these curling irons. The smaller barrels are used to get tight curls while the larger barrels are used to get the bouncy curls. The small barrel curling iron will help you to curl short hair more accurately and more safely.

There are some simple steps involved in curling your hair with the help of the small barrel curling iron. It is very important to note that your hair should be dry before you start curling your hair. The wet hair may get burnt while using the hot curling iron on wet hair. Moreover, there are some thermal protection products available to protect your hair from getting burnt.

To curl the shorter hair, it is more convenient to start curling the hair from the crown whereas to curl the medium to long hair it should be started from the back of the head. Now to begin curling, take separate sections of the hair of 1 to 2 inches of width and start with the tip of the hair. Then clamp the tips of the hair inside the heated barrels of the iron and start rolling the barrel upwards going closer to the scalp. To secure the scalp from getting burnt, inserting a comb between the iron and the scalp will be a better option. Next, hold the rolled hair around the curling iron for around 10 seconds and then release the hair gently. You can use a large toothed comb or hairs pick to loose the curls shaping those curls in your desired style. Continue the similar treatment with the other sections of the hair until all sections are curled.

Once the hair gets cool, you can apply the holding spray on your hair to run the style for a longer period. Hair sprays come in different formulas to hold the hair in different styles. If you wish to have a loose look, you can select a light holding hair spray. On the other hand, if you want the curls to stay tight in place throughout the day then the heavier holding spray will be desirable.

So, you can easily learn to add curls to your hair style using this method. Gradually, you will master the art of curling the short hair with the practice of few sessions.

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Short Hair Styles Is The Best Way To Look Sexy

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 6, 2009

While many women consider long hair the last word in femininity, with its versatility which allows styles as casual as the ponytail to as formal as the elegant upsweep, the truth is simply that properly caring for and styling long hair can be more time-consuming than the schedules of millions of us allow.

Unique Short Hair StylesFor those of us women whose time is at a premium, the most appealing hairstyles are the ones which look great with a minimum of care. And that usually translates to short hairstyles.

One of the best characteristics of short hair styles is that they almost all work with hair of any texture, and faces of all shapes. What are some of these easy-care and striking short hair styles?

The Celebrity

This short hair style has been dubbed the celebrity simply because so many celebrities have adopted it for themselves, but be warned that it may be too radical for most women.

The celebrity hairstyle combines extremely short hair, cut at or right above t he ears, with long bangs swept over the forehead or back behind the years. This hairstyle is ideal for women with small facial features and long, elegant necks, and is a favorite of the actress Natalie Portman, who seems born to wear it.

If you are blessed with a ballerinas neckline and delicate features, you will find the celebrity hairstyle a breeze to maintain as it dries in minutes after being washed, and just needs regular trimming to keep it from becoming bushy. Be warned, however, that you may feel somewhat  with such a short hairstyle, and find yourself applying makeup simply to feel more “finished.

The Bob

The bob has been around ever since the first flappers dared to cut their long tresses in the early 20th century, and while it comes in several versions, they are all based on an even-lengthstraight cut, and usually include short bangs. The bob is one of the few hairstyles which works equally well on both straight and curly hair.

But more recent incarnations of the bob have eliminated the short bangs which fall neatly along the forehead in favor of longer ones which can be swept to the sides of the forehead without being quite long enough to extend behind the ears. These bob hairstyles may be all one length, or hang longer around the face and shorter in the back of the head.

You can easily style your bob with the help of a hair dryer and brush, but if your hair has enough body, you can also make it more exotic by backcombing it at the crown. This will create a more contemporary look to your bob.

The Shag

A short hairstyle which first gained notice in the 1960s, the shag cut works with both short and medium hair but is easier both to style and to maintain if left short.

The shag cut has long bangs sweeping the forehead and is cut in uneven layers all over the head. You can style your shag without styling gel, leaving it looking unkempt, or you can use styling gel to have the layers stand out from your head for a more radical look.

With the celebrity, the bob, and the shag, you have your choice of short hairstyles to give you the contemporary casual or classically elegant look you want, so the decision is up to you!

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