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Short Hairstyles For Special Occasions

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 24, 2009

A change in hair cut and hairstyle makes a big difference to your personality. Hair that has been long for some time is old and hence prone to breakage. Hair fall problems could be owing to stress, iron deficiency or hormonal changes. Caring for hair goes a long way to ensure that you are always blessed with a shiny mop of hair irrespective of the hair cut.

Celebrity Short Hair StylesSpecial occasions are not restricted to choosing the perfect dress and investing in the latest branded jewelry. Style has to be explored and cultivated. A new haircut takes time to settle and there is no need to fret if you feel dissatisfied with the cut. Use a conditioner that is most suited to you. For trying a hairstyle, washing the hair is imperative. Do not use hair products like serums or lotions for the first time just before an event.

If you have always had the plain-Jane image with a pony or loose hair, then work on a volume and crunch hair at the ends. Alternatively use spiral curls and learn a few do-it-yourself hair curling tips. Buy the best curler or straightener that also locks-in moisture so that the damage to hair is minimal. Firstly understand your face type and then go for a hairstyle. Glossies have several images that sport bob, black, curly or poker straight hair. Go with the one that is identifiable with your face type. Medium length hair cut is the best for all occasions. It blends with all hairstyles and allows you to also try out short hair styles. Break your prior image with a shag hair style or a side swept bang. Go for violet hair color or streaks in mahogany. Streaking is more preferred as it gives a subtle hint of coloring compared to an overall colored hairstyle.

Red hair color or blonde again is a personal choice. The image should also compliment the dress and fabric. Neck pieces and earrings are also employed to give a different illusion and hence try the hair style first and then the accessories. Classy and neat hairstyles look great in formal tones. Messy updo hairstyle is a personal statement. A shag haircut with tapered ends has a class of its own and is suited for semi formal corporate meetings.

Prom hairstyles are gorgeous and eclectic. Include the lady charm with long earrings and hairstyles that speak of elegance. Center parting or side parting can be tried. Out turns are of the retro style and to add bounce one could always use the styling gels. Braids, curls, spirals and the mermaid or vagabond hairstyle is possible with hair extensions.


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Useful 5 Tips For Great Hair Styles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 20, 2009

Fashion cannot be followed blindly! Especially with hairstyles, you should always see what suits your facial features. An amazing hairstyle that might look good on a model may not necessarily look good for you. Your hairstyle tells the world a great deal about you. We know that the right hairstyle or haircut can make you look and feel your best. It is important how your hair looks and to what extent it matters you. Hair is the most noticeable feminine feature.

Modern Women Hair Styles1. Always try to have an easy style that will keep you looking good from morning to midnight without too much effort, a fun look for a frivolous event, or a classic coiffure for a glamorous celebration.

2. A heart-shaped face, softness at the temples and fullness just below the ear level suits you the best. Avoid a center parting, as it tends to emphasize your pointed chin, instead part your hair on one side or wear it without a parting. If your hair is short, turn the ends inwards.

3. For a round face shape, the hair should be cut on your cheeks to shade them and narrow down the sides. A shoulder length cut will help make your face look longer and slimmer. Avoid fringes and curls. A soft feathery look is the most flattering. Straight long hair gives a stunning effect.

4. The hair style for a long face shape, the hair, which will make your face look less long should have fringes, soft half-fringes or a chin-length cut which is fuller at the bottom, add width.

5. The hair style for a long face shape, fringes and curls flicked forward help to soften corners of your square face. Cut your hair short at the temples. Avoid symmetry, short crops or anything geometric. Make sure your hair has body, if necessary go in for a soft perm.

So what hair style would look best on you?

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Four Hot New Hairstyles For Women

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 15, 2009

Looking for a new ‘do? These trendy new hairstyles for women are so hot this spring and summer you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

Cute And Sexy Short Hair StylesShort and Choppy Hairstyles

Forget the cute and clean short cuts of the past. This season’s short haircuts for women are choppy and full of texture. Kimberly Stewart shows off a perfect example of this type of new hairstyle for women that showcase loads of ragged layers via razor cut layers and styling pomade.

Asymmetrical Trendy Hairstyles

The days of perfectly balanced hairstyles are so over. New hairstyles for women are now playing up on asymmetry to define their lines. Think asymmetrical bobs with one side shorter than the other. If this is too dramatic a look for you simply create the unbalancing act by giving your hair a side part, styling one side of your bob full and slicking the other side behind your ear.

The comb over has long been a hairstyle coveted by balding men and snickered at by the rest of us. Well now the comb over has found a new and trendy lease on life thanks to women with cropped haircuts. Take your short, pixie-like cut and create a super-deep side part. Slick the hair over to one side by using a texturizing gel or styling wax.

Medium is the New Long

While some women are still hanging on to their long hair many of the new hairstyles for women are chopping off excess length in exchange for a mid-length hairstyle. This trend is gaining in popularity because so many women are finding mid-length hairstyles give them more volume, movement and styling options. If you’re scissor shy try cutting your long hair to shoulder length and adding layers. You’ll still have the option of ponytail days but you’ll love how much quicker this length of hair is to style.

Casual Updos

Forget fussy, glued in place evening or prom hairstyles. Today’s updos are softer and less complicated than ones of the past. New trendy hairstyles for women that are popping up everywhere are the low lying bun, called the chignon, and the half updo. Both can be done yourself-saving you expensive trips to the salon-and look glamorous without being stiff. You’ll want to invest in some handy styling tools such as Velcro rollers or hot rollers to create some of today’s softer updos but the small investment is worth it and saves you big money in the long run.

As you can see there are lots of hot new hairstyles for women to choose from this season. Whether you’re a short hair lover or covet your long tresses these trendy new hairstyles will have you looking oh-so-hot.

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Selecting Hairstyles To Suit Your Hair Texture, Hair Type And Face Shape

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 13, 2009

Before deciding on a hairstyle you should take into consideration your hair texture and hair type and opt for a style you can manage easily. You should also consider whether a particular hairstyle will suit your face shape.

Short Blonde Hair StyleFine Hair – There are various ways in which you can add body and volume to fine hair. These include correct cutting and shaping techniques, chemical wave or root lift applications. Choose styles with minimum graduation such as bob cuts and wedges. Layers will create an illusion of thickness. Keep hair short to shoulder length.

Coarse Hair – To help disguise an overall heavy look, cut is very important. Look for hairstyles that lessen the bulk and weight that coarse hair produces. Layer cuts or razor cuts will thin out the thickness of your hair, and in the process, give a sleeker finish.

Straight Hair – Simple, geometric haircuts like bobs are perfect for straight hair of any texture. If you prefer your hair long, tapered layers along the face will soften hard lines. For extra volume, add layers from the last three inches to the ends.

Curly Hair – Possibly the most versatile of all. You can use straightening products or let it go soft and curly on its own. Layered hair cuts reduce bulk and the curls are easier to maintain. If you wear your hair long, the curls tend to be slightly looser with the weight of your hair. Razor-cuts are not advised for hair that tends to be frizzy.

Your best cut is determined by your face, so strive for a hairstyle that works with your particular face shape. Using this strategy will help create a balance that can change the appearance of a face shape and also emphasize your best features.

Here are some guidelines:

Square Face – Choose a hairstyle that will create softness and detract from a square jaw line such as long layers with soft waves, curls or choppy ends. You can also get away with short, spiky cuts and long, sleek styles with layers that start at the jawline and continue downward. A centre parting or chin length bobs and square bangs (fringes) on the forehead will accentuate a square face, so avoid those geometric lines.

Round Face – Try cuts that fall just below the chin. Soft, graduated layers are ideal because they make your face appear slimmer and remove volume from the sides. Consider wispy and tapered ends. These de-emphasize the roundness of your face. Add some height to the top of the head to make your face look longer.

Long Face – Choose a style with layers or go for a chin length bob with a fringe which will create horizontal lines. Scrunch dried or curly bobs balance a long face. Brow-skimming bangs are also ideal because they create the illusion of width. Avoid short cuts or styles that add height on top.

Heart shaped Face – Opt for long sideswept bangs and a length that frames the jaw line. Keep top layers soft and long. Avoid short, blunt-cut bangs and harsh, choppy layers.

Oval Face – With this face shape, you have the advantage of being able to pull off any look. However, much depends on the quality of hair; thin, wavy, straight etc. Avoid short layers that add height on top of your head. This will make your face appear long. If your hair is thick or curly, avoid a blunt cut.

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Modern And Trendy Hairstyles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 11, 2009

Hairstyles are always changing; different hairstyles for every year and for every season. Hairstyles adapt to your everyday lifestyle. In the past, when women have tied their hands to groom themselves, the hair is complicated and well put-up. But for today’s women, when they are busy juggling career and family; a simple, no-nonsense but modern hairstyle is just what they need. Here are some of the popular cuts seen in 2008.

Short Updo Hair StyleBob cut. A cut that first became popular in 2007 is showing no sign of disappearing. Though it works great with different face shapes, it is generally not recommended for women who have a round shape face. But with a number of variations of this modern hairstyle, one style will bound to suit your face.

Bangs. Great with any hairstyle; whether you hair is layered, non-layered, long, short or medium length, bangs give you a soft new look. Modern hairstyles usually keep their bangs side-swept.

Messy ponytail. Sexy and carefree – you definitely want to consider this look. This is simple and easy to do modern hairstyle. Just gather your hair from the side and beneath and make the top of your hair smooth and voila! A sexy and out of bed look in an instant! Use styling spray if you want more body and more curls in your ponytail.

Curly hair. The pin straight hair is not the only kind of hair anymore. Waves and curls are in. Those who were born with natural hair should consider themselves lucky. No more hot rollers for them – but for those considering wearing curls for a long time, they should try and have digital curl. This process can have your curly hair ready right after the shower. It’s wash and wears and can last up to six months.

Formal buns. In contrast to the sexy messy ponytail, neat formal buns would also be a hit this year. Use a lot of hair pins and hairspray to keep your buns neat and intact. A smooth and neat appearance; works great with any formal event – a modern hairstyle for the modern woman.

These are some of the modern hairstyles that you’ll see in 2008. But don’t let it limit you in exploring other options for your hair. Don’t be a fashion slave and stop yourself from wanting another hairstyle. You crowning glory should reflect your personality; and as individuals, your hairstyle should be unique and your own. Feel free to wear your hair in any style you like. The important thing is you feel comfortable in it and that your hair brings out the best in you.

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Trendy Short Hair Styles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 10, 2009

IT is a complete fallacy that any person looks best in short hair, long hair, or medium-length hair. Any length can be becoming to you. What you must recognize is the limitations of each hair length, what hair styles can be worn with hair of that length, and if you will be happy within the limitations. There is a vast array of trendy hair styles which may suit you.

Short Different Color Hair StylesLet us suppose you choose shoulder-length hair. You could probably wear it in a pony tail, a pageboy, a chignon, an upsweep, or almost any kind of back-interest hairdo. If these were the things you wanted to do with your hair, then it would be a fine choice of length. But if you wanted the long hair to be worn in a poodle, or to make it appear short and forward in any way, it would obviously be impossible.

In deciding on the hair length you want, you must of course consider its texture and degree of curl. You realize that if in the case cited above the wearer’s hair is perfectly straight, she will need a permanent for practically all of the hairdos mentioned, except the pony tail and perhaps the chignon. Therefore if she wanted long hair but did not want to have a permanent, she would have to settle for the pony tail and forgo the others.

If you should choose medium-length hair, the way you wear it will be determined by the cut. For instance, if you wanted to wear it fluffy about the face, in most cases this would mean the very front ends would have to be cut a good deal shorter than the rest. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the front ends and curling them up tightly to make them appear short.

This point about cutting would apply to any length regardless of its over-all appearance which might at first glance indicate that “She wears her hair long” or “Her hair is medium-length.”

There is always a combination of several lengths. This, incidentally, is the way you achieve naturalness, because such a hairdo can be simply brushed into place, eliminating the need for setting it in pin-curls or fastening it with barrettes or bobby pins.

You may have been going along up to now on the assumption that your physical type or some other factor restricts you to wearing your hair in one length only. A little thought should convince you that there is no such thing as looking best in long hair or short. Just remember that the proper lines in any one of the many trendy hairstyles available can favor your face and features, regardless of the length of the hair.

To illustrate this point, imagine one model in two or more hairdos. This should prove my contention that there need be no restrictions as to hair length or style, no matter what type of face or features you have.


The hair may be anything from very short to very long, yet always becoming to the same face
One style, for example, for wavy to curly hair, may be cut approximately two inches in length and waved. The back could be set in pin-curls.

The same girl can wear her hair much shorter in summertime as the warmth brings out more curl. She may have a hairdo partly curled through the top in curls and the remainder brushed into place.

You do have greater choice in your hairstyle than you ever imagined. Trendy hair styles which may suit you are certainly not limited to one length only.

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Short Hairstyles – The Perfect Choice For Summer

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 9, 2009

There are few things that express feminine confidence better than a short and sassy hairstyle in the warm spring and summer months. Many women wear their hair like an accessory and tend to keep it long and tired rather than daring to risking baring their shoulders and going with the shorter tresses that are flirty and extremely feminine.

Short Hair Styles With Great LookThere is nothing like the right short hairstyle to bring out the very best features you have to offer. If you’ve considered this but held back from fear now is the best time ever to take the plunge and sport a new summer look.

Some of the more popular short hairstyles are mentioned below. One thing is certain. When you decide to go for it, there are plenty of beautiful looks from which to choose for your Short Hairstyle or you can defy the trends and create a look that is uniquely you. The most important thing is to make sure the cut if feminine and flattering to your face. Your want your shot hairstyles to play up your best features while minimizes any flaws you may have (or think you have).

A good stylist will be able to offer excellent advice and guidance as to which short hairstyle is best suited for your features. You are paying good money for much more than the service of making a few snips with the scissors be sure to listen to the advice you are paying to receive. Also make sure that you are getting excellent quality for your money. A good stylist is worth every penny and a generous tip.

Popular Short Hairstyles for Summer


The bob is a classic cut that is elegant and timeless but offers modern appeal because of it’s wide versatility. There are many directions you can take your bob and this is one cut that looks bad on very few. You can have bangs or not, go with a side part, an inverted stacked bob, a stacked bob…you get the picture. The bob is an endless parade of possibilities and almost all of them are beautiful. You can even choose varying lengths for your bob as well. This hairstyle is all about the line of the cut though so an excellent stylist is a must.


Summertime is the time to pull out all stops and sassy layers are an excellent way to provide a bit of volume, lift, and femininity to your short hairstyle. Let your confidence show and see what sort of layered do you can come up with for your summer hair.

Razor Haircut

This great short haircut is flirty and feminine and once again comes loaded with options. There is never a one size fits all policy when it comes to short hairstyles. If you are a little hesitant to about some of the shorter style choose a layered look that allows longer and shorter sections for great overall appeal.

So there you have it. Short hairstyles are definitely in when it comes to dealing with the heat of a hot summer sun. These looks are not only practical but also a lot of fun to wear. So try some out and show off your style to all your friends.

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5 Hot Curly Hair Styles For the Summer

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 9, 2009

The essential factor to creating some of the hottest curly hair styles is proper conditioning with hair care products. Moisture and more moisture is the best ingredient to ensure a minimum of frizz and beautifully defined curls.

Short Hair Styles CurlyLong Curls

Wearing your curls long gives you a variety of styles from pinned up to down, up-dos and free flowing. With embellishments and added control, your curls take long hair to a new level of beauty, basking in the attention that naturally curly hair styles draw. Opt for definition and layers, giving body and movement to your curls for a hot, summer look.

Curly Shag

For a delightful twist to the trendy Shag hair style, curls offer natural body with a minimum amount of layers. Easily maintained with good styling and hair care products, this cut uses layers to bring out your definition and enables the curls to give a moving performance. Long curls are lightened with the added layers which keep the heat off your neck through those hot summer months. Seventies styles are “in” and the shag hair style is leading the way – with a little help from ’08 technology and layered designs.

Short Curls

Wearing short hair makes an unspoken statement of confidence and gives an air of individuality. Sporting short curly hair only adds to the air of mystery and singular style that is unique to each head of curly hair. Because no curls are the same, everyone looks different, even with the same cut. Adding volume with the short length gives an airy look with playful intentions with the ability to be gelled into a glamorous look for evening wear. Bangs are increasingly popular with short hair, but consider the manageability you want…short hair is beautiful, but you can’t put it back if you go too short.


Timeless in their beauty and appeal, ringlets have long since been adored by little girls and women alike. Making this classic style trendy with the addition of layers and razor cuts, it leaps the boundaries of antiquity and heads for a more modern look for both day and evening wear. Offering respite for both short and long hair, this look surpasses the simple classic style and transcends to achieve a sexy or chic look.


If all else fails and your hair is naturally stick straight. Investing in a good perm is one way of achieving beautiful curly hair styles. With the leaps and bounds of excellent perm development over the years, your options range from soft waves to tight, springy ringlets. Almost any curly hair is an option in today’s beauty industry.

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Choosing A Very Short Hair Style

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 8, 2009

An ultra-short hair style can be fun and sexy. The most important point if you want to have great short hair, is a great cut and style. These tips will help you choose a great short style.

Trendy Short Hair Styles1. Make a study of what types of very short styles appeal to you. The possibilities are endless nowadays, so go through fashion and hair magazines to get some ideas.

2. Make an investment by getting a really great cut. The shape of the cut takes is extremely important with a very short style.

3. Show your hairdresser some pictures of what you want so he or she can tell you if they will work well for your shape of face.

4. Think about getting a style that is really flexible and easy to change. You should check with the hairdresser if you will be able to change the look by curling it or straightening the hair with the use of the right styling products.

5. Avoid a style that won’t work with your facial features and shape. Short hair can be hard to wear, so try to get a style that will look enhance your best features – your hairdresser can guide you.

6. Using a razor for cutting can lighten short hair and make it look more choppy and sexy.

7. Consider an ultra-short, very rumpled (just out of bed) look, which can be really feminine.

8. Remember your lifestyle and make sure you try a hairstyle that takes very little time to style or one that will still look great if you leave the house without drying.

9. If you want your very short hair to look its best, you will need to buy professional styling products.

10. Get your hairdresser’s advice on how to use the styling products for the best results.

11. In order to have great looking short hair, check with your hairdresser to see if a perm would be a good choice. If you need to add more volume and lift to your hair you might try a root or pin curl perm.

12. Highlighting the colour will make your very short hair catch the light and make it more up-to-date and feminine.

13. Soften a very short cut by having it follow the shape of your head and taper at the neck, but only if your hair texture is very fine.

14. Your hairdresser will have more ideas to make a very short haircut really sexy and pretty, so be sure to ask.

15. Enjoy your short style, and be proud of how you look, no matter what your new style might be!

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Cute Layered Short Hairstyles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 8, 2009

Cute layered hairstyles are sexy and make a fun and flirty choice, they are perky and can complete very well with the sleek sophisticated look of long demure styles. They are easy to style at home, and be made to look different very easily by the use of curling irons, bobby pins, crimpers, beads elastics, ribbons and a whole lot of other accessories.

Crazy Short Hair StyleLayered hairstyles of a medium to short length not only offer the wearer a cute look, they are also perfect for women who want to look sophisticated, yet styled, without having to undertake all the maintenance required for long hair. Medium and short hair is feminine and flirty as well as simple to care for. Layered hairstyles in these lengths make the best possible advantage of all the facial features.

Medium length hair generally reaches from below the jaw-line to as much as several inches below the collar. Although different stylists all have their own opinion on this! Short hair is what it says it is. short, while long hair is from shoulder length to longer. (to quote from the musical “Hair). When you select a hairstyle for medium length hair which is layered, you do have to take a couple of important considerations into account. It is not only the length of the hair which matters, in order for the style to suit you, you need to take into cognizance the shape of your face. A hairstyle should enhance your features.

Jagged and angled ends will affect how the hairstyle is shaped to the head as well as how it lays on the face and shoulders. Keeping the layer at the top long gives a smooth look to the style, and having different lengths throughout the body of the hair will create a full, more voluminous look. A great number of layers might provide more volume, but it is generally difficult to style yourself, and if your hair is naturally curly, natural waves will form which might tangle amongst the layers.

Obviously your professional hair stylist will be able to assist you with regards to what look suits you best. A combination of different layers and features are able to create many varied styles, but consulting with your hair stylist will help you to decide what look would be best for you, before you have it cut.

Layered hairstyles can be good for as much as eight weeks without needing to trim. However if your hairstyle has a great many layers it is probably wise to have a trim more frequently to keep the cut looking good. Regular use of a good conditioner will prevent split ends and keep your layered hairstyle looking great.

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