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Latest Short Curly Hairstyles

Posted by Short Hair Styles on July 23, 2009

The hairstyle in coming autumn and winter is curl. The makeup of this autumn shows elegant and modern. For autumn hairstyle, it emphasizes on “feminine”. It can be long or short hair, but curl is the main stream!

Latest Short Curly Hair StylesWomen’s hair is like a second face. As long as the hairstyle changes, there will be a whole different from weekdays. In autumn 2007 curls sustain fever. The level of curl is unlimited dissemination of attractive women. Curls are in power. It can be small curl to show lovely appearance. It can also be romantic wave curl. Long curl hair is charming and gentle. It is full of feminine. Short Curly Hairstyles is full of wild, lively and pretty. These beautiful hairstyles are not set by prem. If you know how to use the curling iron rod, you can do it yourself. Let’s enjoy the fun of change!

Choice of curling iron rod
Use the curling iron rod is time-saving. It can create a three-dimensional wave. You can base on the duration of iron and skill to shape different hairstyle. It shows the effects of curl. Compare with the traditional perm, it is more natural. However, before changing the course of treatment, a good choice of a curling iron rod is very important. Generally, hairstylist will recommend powerless curling iron rod because it is less disruption, handy and less space to pack. The best choice is the surface of the iron is made use of ceramic material because it can decrease the hair damage by slow conduction theory. It is also recommended to choose the iron with steam because it prevents hair damage and gives more durable hairstyling. The best material of the hand grip should be plastics because it is easy hot.

How to use curling iron rod
There are numbers of people carelessly burning of themselves when using the curling iron rod. Reference to the following methods before use, next time will not burn the hands! Before using the rod, the best way is applying the hair conditioner first to protect the quality of hair. If it is your first time to use it, you better choose the round size comb to familiar the appropriate distance between face, hands, hair and the iron. The more you practice, the more safety it is.

* Steps: before styling, separate the hair according to hair volume. First, it is proposed to make a cross on hair so that it is separated into the left front, right front, left rear, are right rear. Therefore there will four blocks. Then, separate each block into two by using hair clips. Finally, iron each bundle of hair one by one.

* When using the curling iron rod, each bundle will be rolled up and normally stay for three to five seconds. The timing can not be too long. Do not try to stay iron on hair more than 15 seconds each time.

* Besides, it is necessary to consider the layer of original hair because it will affect the gestures and angles of iron using. If the hair cutting and the layer is significant especially for straight hair, the ironing process should be ironed horizontally. On the contrary, if it is not obvious, it should be done vertically.

*For styling, it is recommended to use of spray because this could make hairstyle lasting longer.
Is your hair straight? You are a straight hair? Why not try another sense of rhythm to create a fluffy and pretty own style of hair?


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Short, Trendy Hairstyles For Summer

Posted by Short Hair Styles on June 27, 2009

Short, trendy hairstyles are hot for spring and summer 2009. A relaxed, yet sophisticated look prevails with some easy to manage designs that look great and are simple to maintain. Undoubtedly, short hair is most preferred during the hot seasons, and 2009 is no different. Stylists around the world are predicting that short and trendy hairstyles will be in vogue this year. Take a look at what will be hot!

Women Short Hair Styles

Convenience and Simplicity

The convenience afforded by short hair is one of the biggest reasons that short hairstyles have been popular among women, especially those who work. But, convenience is not the only selling factor for shorter designs during the spring and summer seasons.

Apart from the ease of maintenance, shorter styles can create a look of glamour and chic unmatched by longer tresses. Shortened designs tends to look bolder and can be made to look trendy or sleek depending on the occasion. Also, they tend to make one look younger than one’s age and is very popular among women in the show biz.

Pixie Cut

The “Pixie” is among the hot and trendy short hairstyles this season. It helps accentuate your features as well show off your trendy earrings. You can easily get a messed up look or you could straighten your hair to give you a sleek look for an evening. You could use bold red color at the edges and it will help frame your face and call attention to the layers.

Choppy, Layered Cut

This is for women who want to sport a messed-up look. Hair is cut in uneven broken layers and the edges are then trimmed with a razor. It helps soften the blunt edges made by scissor cuts.

This gives a soft and deconstructed messed up look that has become a hot favorite among the younger generation. You could color the tips with bold colors to create an even more glamorous look.

The Bob

The Bob cut was invented over 8-years ago, but continues to remain popular among women who want to wear their hair short. The length of the hair and the look has evolved over the years and the cut remains refreshing and trendy even after so many years. The best aspect of a bob is that it will suit a face of any shape, whether it is round or oval and it helps accentuate your features. The edges of the hair can be highlighted for added effect.

Short, trendy hairstyles are the look for summer 2009. Easy to maintain and sporty, they offer ease-of-use and styling and fit almost any facial shape and complexion.

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